Version 12.1

Google Ads Editor version 12.1 features several updates, including support for Expanded Dynamic Search ads, Shopping Showcase ads, and new bid options in the Advanced Bid Changes tool. Download the newest version of Google Ads Editor.

Expanded Dynamic Search ads

You can now use Google Ads Editor to create and edit expanded Dynamic search ads.

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Showcase ads

Google Ads Editor now supports Shopping Showcase ads and ad group types.

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New campaign goal for App campaigns

App campaigns now include the “In-app actions” goal to target users who are likely to complete the specific in-app actions you’ve set up for your campaign.

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First position bidding

The Advanced Bid Changes tool now includes First position bidding to help you get the most reach for your budget.

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Keyword display tools

The new Keyword display width column shows the length of keyword text in display units to help users judge text limit. Note: This column will be hidden by default.

Show campaign violations

You can now view campaign and ad groups that violate your custom rules. These violations will not be separate from other error and warning messages in your account.

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Download more metrics

You can now download metrics for first position bid, ad relevancy, landing page experience, and click-through-rate.

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