Error and warning checks

While you edit your campaigns, Google Ads Editor automatically detects certain issues that might prevent your changes from posting properly. As you edit, red error icons and yellow warning icons appear to indicate these potential problems. For example, if you enter a negative value for your daily budget, Google Ads Editor shows a red error icon next to the affected row. When you enter a budget greater than zero, the error disappears.

  • A red icon indicates an error. Google Ads Editor can't check or post the affected item unless you request an exception or make the required change.
  • A yellow icon indicates a warning. Warnings don't prevent an item from posting, but we recommend checking the item for accuracy and to ensure that it meets Google Ads policies.
  • A green icon appears after you check your changes, and it means that the item has passed Google Ads policy checks.
Google Ads Editor doesn't flag all editorial violations. We recommend that you review the Google Ads policies to help ensure that your ads comply with our policies.

Review and resolve errors or warnings

  1. Click the search menu icon Advanced search > View filters > Items with errors or warnings. Errors and warnings are indicated by red and yellow error icons on the tabs and in the data view. You can navigate using the type list to see errors for those items in your account (for example, ads with errors).
  2. To view details for an individual error, select the row in the data view. A red box will appear below the edit panel. This box contains instructions to correct the potential violation, and if appropriate, a checkbox for requesting an exception to the policy.
  3. Edit the item as requested in the error message, or request an exception.

Jump to first error/warning/info

If you’re at the bottom of the editor, you can quickly navigate to the first warning, error, or info at the top of the list by clicking the error Red exclamation point icon, warning Warning, or info Info icon icons.

Show violations for custom rules

  1. In the sidebar below the type list, click Custom rules.
  2. From the list, select the custom rule.
  3. In the edit panel, click Show Violations.

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