Add gender targeting to ad groups

Add gender targets

  1. In the account tree view, select the ad group where you'd like to add the gender.
  2. Select Keywords and Targeting > Genders in the type list.
  3. Click Add gender.
  4. Optional: Edit the bid, bid adjustment, final URL, or status.

Edit or remove one or more gender targets

  1. Select Keywords and Targeting > Genders in the type list.
  2. Select one or more genders to edit or remove.
  3. Make your changes to the selected genders: To edit, make changes either inline or in the edit panel. To remove, click Remove.

Add or import multiple genders

Step 1: Prepare your list of gender targets

If you prepare a spreadsheet or text file with your list of changes, you can then copy and paste the list directly into Google Ads Editor.

Include the following columns in your list:

  • Campaign
  • Ad group
  • Gender (Male, Female, or Unknown).

The following columns are optional:

  • Type: Positive or Negative. If this column is omitted, genders are added as positive gender targets by default. To exclude a gender, enter "Negative" in the Type column for that row. (Learn more about options for excluding genders.)
  • Max. CPC, Max. CPM: Enter a gender-specific bid, or leave these fields blank to use the ad group default bid.
  • Bid adjustment: Enter a bid adjustment from -90% to 900%, inclusive.
  • Final URL: Leave this field blank to use the ad's final URL.
  • Status: Enabled, Paused, or Removed.

If you include a column header row, the column headers must be in English. See a list of headers.

When you prepare your list, be sure to avoid conflicting targets and exclusions.

Step 2: Add gender targets

Select Keywords and Targeting > Genders in the type list. Click Make multiple changes and paste your list into the tool.

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