Set Display Network bid adjustments

Google Ads Editor 1.8 supports the latest updates to audience targeting. Previous versions of Google Ads Editor will not support the new targeting methods. To avoid errors when downloading, viewing, and assigning your audiences, it's recommended to upgrade to Google Ads Editor 1.8.
A bid adjustment of -90% reduces the bid by 90%, to 10% of the original bid. Likewise, +900% increases the location bid to ten times the original amount. For example, suppose your ad group bid is $2.00, and the targeted location has a bid adjustment of +200%. The bid used for that location will be $6.00.

Add or update bid adjustments for Display Network targets

  1. In the type list, select Keywords and Targeting > Placements, Audiences, Genders, or Ages.
  2. Select one or more targets.
  3. Under "Bid adjustment" on the edit panel, enter a value from -90% through +900%, inclusive.

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