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When you import assets with a CSV file or the "Make multiple changes" tool, you might have new assets that differ from existing ones only in their URL fields.

For example, suppose you have several new sitelinks with the same link text as existing sitelinks, but different final URLs. You might want to edit the URLs of the existing sitelinks (for example, to add tracking codes), or you might want to create new sitelinks with different URLs (for example, to test a different landing page for the same link text).

To specify how Google Ads Editor should treat the imported assets, select one of the options below from Tools > Settings (Windows) or Google Ads Editor > Preferences (Mac).

On the General tab in the settings dialog, locate the Import heading and the drop-down menu labeled When importing sitelinks and app assets with different final URLs. Then choose one of the following options.

  • Change existing URLs to new URLs (default)
    With this option selected, you can use CSV import or the Make multiple changes tool to edit URLs of existing assets. You can't create two sitelinks that differ only in URLs using CSV import or the Make multiple changes tool.
  • Create new ad asset if final URL is different
    Assets that differ only in URLs are considered distinct, so you can use CSV import or the Make multiple changes tools to create a new asset that differs from an existing one only in the URL field.
Note: The instructions above don't apply to image assets. The required columns for importing image assets are "Campaign", "Ad group", and "Image". Make sure that the "Image" column contains a path to a file on disk instead of an image URL. It must contain an absolute path, or a relative path to the location of the CSV file. However, we recommend specifying the image path by using a relative path.

For example, if the CSV file is under the folder "Documents" and the image file ” image_1.png” is under the sub-folder "Images", the relative path for the image file is "images/image_1.png”. If the path isn't specified correctly, Editor can't locate the image file, which can result in the error, "Your asset is missing an image. Please choose an image for your asset."

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