Ad URL import settings

When you import ads with a CSV file or the Make multiple changes tools, you might have new ads that differ from existing ads only in their URL fields.

For example, suppose you have several new ads with the same ad text as existing ads, but different display and final URLs. You might want to edit the URLs of the existing ads (for example, to add tracking codes), or you might want to create new ads with different URLs (for example, to test a different landing page for the same ad text).

To specify how Google Ads Editor should treat the new ads, select one of the options below from Tools > Settings (Windows) or Google Ads Editor > Preferences (Mac).

On the General tab in the settings dialog, locate the menu under Import and choose one of these options:

  • Change existing URLs or paths to new URLs or paths
    With this option selected, you can use CSV import or the "Make multiple changes" tool to edit URLs of existing ads. You cannot create two ads that differ only in URLs using CSV import or the "Make multiple changes" tool.
  • Create new ad if Display URL, or final URL, or paths is different
    Ads that differ only in URLs are considered distinct, so you can use CSV import or "Make multiple changes" to create a new ad that differs from an existing ad only in the URL fields. If you select this option, you can still edit URLs of existing ads by entering two rows for the ad (one to explicitly remove the old ad, and another to create the new one).
  • Create new ad if display URL or path is different
    This option is a hybrid of the first two options. If the imported ad has a different display URL, a new ad is created. If the imported ad has a different final URL, the existing ad is edited.
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