Location targeting

Add multiple location targets

Paste into the Make multiple changes tool

To add multiple location targets in Google Ads Editor, follow the steps below.

  1. Select Keywords and Targeting > Locations in the type list.
  2. Click Make multiple changes.
  3. Under "Destination,” select My data includes columns for campaigns and/or ad groups or Use selected destinations.
  4. Type or paste your changes into the grid.
  5. Click Process.
  6. To continue, click Finish and review changes.
  7. To add the pending changes to your account, click Keep.

Import locations in a CSV file

Learn more about importing a CSV file.

Tips for adding locations using a CSV import

  • Include a Location column in the CSV file.
  • Optional: Include a Location ID column with valid location IDs.
  • Enter each location on its own row.
  • To add proximity targets, use the following format: (distance:latitude:longitude). For example: (10mi:33.728536:-118.084102) or (20km:54.162434:-112.148438)
New locations that show a yellow warning are in an unresolved state. Learn how to resolve locations.

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