Location targeting

Resolve locations

Newly typed or pasted locations are considered "unresolved" in Google Ads Editor until you resolve them by confirming the intended target. For example, if you enter Los Angeles, Google Ads Editor doesn't yet know if you want to target the city of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles metro area, or another option. Google Ads Editor shows a yellow warning next to unresolved locations until you perform one of the following actions:

  • Use Edit/find location on the Locations tab to search and confirm the selected location (recommended).
  • Check the locations using Check changes or Check locations on the Locations tab.
  • Post your changes.

The first option ensures the most accuracy because you can review each location before you add it. With the other two options (checking or posting changes), Google Ads Editor automatically assigns a location, and it might not choose your intended location. Using the example from above, Google Ads Editor might select the city of Los Angeles when you intended to target the metro area.

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