Edit campaign settings

To edit your campaign settings, follow these steps:

  1. In the account tree view, select the account or a specific campaign.
  2. Select Campaigns.
  3. Select one or more campaigns. If you select multiple campaigns, any changes apply to all selected campaigns.
  4. Make your changes. The table below lists the settings that you can change in Google Ads Editor.
Setting Options
Campaign name This field is only editable when one campaign is selected.
Campaign type

The following campaign types can be included in an import file: Search, Search - Mobile app installs, Display,  Display - Smart, Display - Mobile app installs, Display - Gmail, Shopping, Video, Video - Bumper ad, Video - Drive conversions, Video - Outstream, Universal app.

Not all campaign types can be changed once the campaign has been created and posted. Learn more

Status Enabled, Paused, or Removed. For new campaigns that haven't yet been posted, you can also select Draft.
Include search partners Enabled or Disabled. Learn more
Device bid adjustment Enter a value from -90 through +900, inclusive. You can opt out of showing ads on a certain device by setting your bid to -100%
Devices Click Edit to choose new device targeting settings, or paste settings copied from another campaign.
Bid strategy Use the drop-down menu to choose a new bid strategy. Learn more
Enhanced CPC Enabled or Disabled. Only applies to manual CPC and automatic CPC campaigns.
Content exclusions  Select categories of sites, content, or ad placements where you don’t want to show your ads.
Frequency capping Select the number of times you want your ads to appear for each person.
Delivery method Standard or Accelerated.
Budget The budget must be greater than zero. If your campaign has a shared budget, it isn't possible to edit your budget in Google Ads Editor.
Start date Enter the current date or a future date (not a past date). Start dates cannot be changed for campaigns that have already begun. Learn more about date formats.
End date Enter a future date, or enter None to have the campaign run indefinitely. The end date must be the same as or later than the start date. Learn more about date formats.
Ad rotation Optimize for clicks, Optimize for conversions, Rotate evenly, Rotate indefinitely.
Ad schedule Paste an ad schedule that you've copied from another campaign.
Language targeting Click Edit to choose new settings, or paste settings copied from another campaign.
Location targeting Click View or edit to choose new settings on the Locations tab.
Targeting method and Exclusion method Learn more about these settings in the Google Ads Help Center.

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