Import a CSV file in Google Ads Editor

Import a CSV file

Once you've prepared your CSV file, follow these steps to import it in Google Ads Editor:

  1. Select Account > Import. (If you have other pending proposed changes, the menu item will be grayed out. Once you accept or reject the other proposals, you can proceed.)
  2. Choose From file ... to select a file, or Paste text to copy and paste CSV data.
  3. Review the column headers. If a header is incorrect, select the correct header from the drop-down menu.
    • The preview only shows up to 100 rows of your CSV file. If your file has more than 100 rows, they'll be included in the import even though they don't appear here.
    • You can have the same header for multiple columns. For example, if you happen to have keywords in two columns, select "Keyword" as the column header for both columns. Note that only the first value in any given row will be used.
  4. Click Import. You can still revert the import later, if needed.
  5. Review the list of imported changes. If there are issues with the CSV file, Google Ads Editor displays a list of errors and warnings.
  6. Click Review imported changes.
  7. Changes imported from the CSV file are displayed as proposed changes in your account.
    • To accept all changes, click Keep proposed changes.
    • To reject all changes, click Reject proposed changes.
    • To review and accept or reject individual changes, follow these instructions.

Editing ads?

You can use a CSV import file to apply edits to your ads without having to recreate them. This is especially important for ads that support version history, since you can make changes to the ads while retaining their historical data 

Choose the column that you would like to edit, and rename this column with the tag "#Original." For example, if you wish to make an edit to the headline in one of your ads, mark the column Headline#Original. Then create a new column, without the #Original tag (in this case, simply "Headline," and write your edits.

The CSV import file allows you to edit your ads without losing any of the historical data associated with them, as would ordinarily happen if a new ads were created.

If you want to change only the URL fields in your ads, first check your URL import settings.

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