Remove keywords

You can remove keywords individually, or you can remove multiple keywords at once.

Note: Keyword IDs are impacted by your keyword edits. Actions like editing a keyword (such as adding or removing a Final URL) or removing and reuploading a keyword will retain the same ID and historical activity stats as long as the keyword's match type and text or string remains the same. However, both of these actions will send your keywords back for review.

Select individual keywords to remove

  1. In the tree view, select the account, campaign, or ad group containing the keywords to remove.
  2. Select Keywords.
  3. Select one or more keywords.
  4. Click Remove.
  5. Your removed keywords will appear in the data view with a strikethrough and a "-" beside them.

Remove a set of keywords from specific ad groups

  1. Click Make multiple changes.
  2. Next to "Bulk Change Action", select Remove.
  3. Type or paste the data to remove in the grid.
  4. Click Process.
  5. To continue, click Finish and review changes. To cancel the operation, click Revert and cancel.
  6. To add the pending changes to your account, click Keep. To undo the changes, click Reject.

Remove some keywords while adding or updating others

You can use the Make multiple changes tool to change the status for multiple keywords at once. Simply include the new status (enabled, paused, or removed) with each keyword, and Google Ads Editor will add, update, and remove keywords in one step. Learn how to edit your keywords

Remove a set of keywords from an account (where the campaign or ad group names are unknown)

  1. Click the search menu icon Advanced search, then click Search builder.
  2. From the dropdown menu, select Any > Keyword > Keyword.
  3. From the dropdown menu, select contains.
  4. Type in your keyword, then click the search button.
  5. Select Keywords to view all the keywords that match your search.
  6. Select the keywords you’d like to remove and click Remove. You can repeat these steps to find and remove multiple keywords.

You can use the Make multiple changes tool to replace your existing keywords with a new set of keywords. In Step 1 of the tool, select the checkbox labeled "Replace the entire contents of the destination ad groups with these keywords." Your existing keywords will be removed and replaced with your new set of keywords.

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