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What is the name of the company being advertised? If you belong to an agency, please provide the name of the company that you’re managing the campaigns for. This will help us route your case to the best available agent.
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If the trademark owner has already submitted an authorization form for my account(s), but my ads are still limited due to Trademarks policy:

  • Please note that restricted or disapproved ads will not be automatically approved upon authorization. To initiate review status updates, you will need to follow instructions to edit and resubmit your ads. The edit may be minor, like adding or deleting a space. If you experience issues resubmitting your ads, please contact our Google Ads experts for further support.
If you have not been authorized yet, or need an authorization to use another entity's trademark(s), please see the authorization form for instructions.
Please do not submit MCC, only CIDs will be reviewed
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Please do not submit MCC, only CIDs will be reviewed.
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Adgroup ID is a numerical value. To find an "Ad group ID": Click, at "Ad" level view, in the column icon  and then in Modify column > Attributes (learn how to add columns)


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Some account and system information will be sent to Google, and support calls and chats may be recorded. We will use this information to improve support quality and training, to help address technical issues, and to improve our products and services, subject to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Translation services may be used in chats and email.
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