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App attribution sharing is an automatically enabled feature that optimizes your app install campaigns by allowing them to separately attribute and track post-install conversions shared with app engagement and app deep linked campaigns. These campaigns will continue to receive individual attribution.

Until now, only last-click attribution models were available for App campaigns. Because of last-click attribution, App campaigns for install (ACi) models did not get access to further post-install events that got attributed to other campaigns, such as App campaigns for engagement (ACe), even if those conversions were within the ACi campaign’s conversion windows. This caused the ACi models to undercount post-install events that would have been attributed to ACi campaigns. In short, app attribution sharing enables install and non-install campaigns (for example, engagement and app deep linked campaigns) to share attribution for conversions, and allows you to track how many total conversions were counted between both campaigns.

Diagram for how App attribution works


Attribution sharing for App campaigns allows complete attribution for all campaigns running under the same account. In particular, it helps with the following:

  • It ensures that both install and non-install campaigns’ machine learning models get the proper attribution needed for campaign optimization.
  • It allows tracking how many conversions were counted across both ACi and ACe campaigns running in the same account.
  • It minimizes conversions lost for the ACi models due to last-click attribution.


From the “Campaign” page, you can see these reported attributions in the “Participated in-app actions” column, which is added by default to your performance columns. In this column, you’ll see the total number of post-install conversions that each App campaigns for installs campaign drove. These include the conversions “shared” with non-install campaigns. You’ll also see the average cost of a participated in-app action in the “Cost/Participated in-app actions” column. Each campaign type also receives individual attribution for in-app actions, so that you can see reporting for each campaign type.

You can disable app attribution sharing by clicking Conversions under “Measurement” in the “Tools and Settings” top navigation menu, clicking the down arrow for “App attribution sharing” and unchecking the box beside “Share attribution for App campaigns”.

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