About shop sales measurement (for business types other than retailers and restaurants)

Shop sales (direct upload) works best with most business types. If you own a retail shop or a restaurant, refer to the article here on how you can use shop sales measurement for your business.

Shop sales (direct upload) allows you to use your sales data in a privacy-safe way to understand how much value your ads are truly driving for in-store purchases. By uploading and matching transaction data from your business, you can see how your Google ads translate into offline purchases.


Apart from helping you draw actionable insights for your offline business, shop sales (direct upload) measurement offers some valuable features to help you maximise your online-to-offline marketing investments.

  • Business insights: Understand the full value of your online ads. The customer research and shopping path is complex and often includes many online touch points before purchasing in-store. Shop sales helps you calculate the true return on ad spend (ROAS) of your Search, Shopping and YouTube campaigns. Gain insight and inform your business strategy by segmenting data by device, campaign, ad group or keyword.
  • Customer lists: This feature allows advertisers to be able to create rule based customer lists using their uploaded hashed in-store transactions data. It helps advertisers create custom segments of their existing customers and optimise bids or deliver a tailored message at the moment of relevance.
  • Conversion action segmentation: Shop sales (direct upload) allows you to segment your conversion data by different groups (for example, by customer segment or by product category) for more actionable insights. Instead of leveraging just one shop sales conversion action to capture overall sales, you can create multiple conversion actions and upload transactions for those relevant segments to receive reporting at this additional granularity.

How it works

  • A customer signs in to their Google Account and interacts with your ad.
  • The customer then visits your shop to purchase an item. Based on the information that they provided to you (such as an email address or a phone number) at the time of the purchase, either through a loyalty programme or an electronic receipt, you link the transaction to the customer.
  • You set up shop sales (direct upload) measurement in your Google Ads account, then upload the transaction data to Google Ads.
  • Google matches the transaction data to your ads.
  • When a strict privacy threshold is reached, Google Ads reporting shows the total number of conversions influenced by your ads. Only aggregated and anonymised sales are reported.


To be eligible for shop sales (direct upload), you need to:

  • Be a business with a physical shop and have significant offline transactions
  • Track your offline shop sales data in a customer relationship management (CRM) system
  • Have a loyalty programme or other ways to collect customer information associated with offline transactions
  • Upload transaction data on at least a monthly basis (though we strongly recommend uploading on a weekly or a daily basis)
  • Have over 500,000 clicks from search or shopping results over the last 90 days (from the date of upload), or have over 750,000 clicks or views from a video ad over the last 90 days (from the date of upload)
  • Have at least 6,000 transactions per month linked to customer information (for example, email addresses, phone numbers or home address information collected at the point of sale)
  • Receive thousands of shop sales for the account each month
  • Comply with Google Ads customer data policies

If you meet the criteria for shop sales direct measurement and are interested in using this product, please contact your Google account representative for next steps.

Shop sales (direct upload) ISO 27001 certification

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an independent, non-governmental international organisation with an international membership of 163 national standards bodies. The ISO/IEC 27000 family of standards helps organisations keep their information assets secure.

ISO/IEC 27001 outlines and provides the requirements for an information security management system (ISMS), specifies a set of best practices and details the security controls that can help manage information risks.

Shop sales is ISO/IEC 27001 compliant. The 27001 standard doesn't mandate specific information security controls, but the framework and checklist of controls that it lays out allow Google to ensure a comprehensive and continually improving model for security management.

Learn more about ISO 27001.


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