Understand Search and Shopping ads performance with retail category reporting

May 26, 2020

Both Search and Shopping campaigns can help retailers connect with customers who are searching for their products on Google. However, if you’re running both campaign types, it can be difficult to understand how both your campaigns are performing.

With retail category reporting you can now see your performance for pre-defined product categories across your Search and Shopping campaigns in one report. Some of the metrics available for each retail category include:

  • Traffic and spend metrics (clicks and cost)
  • Campaign level information (campaign type and name)
  • Performance metrics (conversions, conversion value, conversion cost)
  • Competitive metrics (click share) 

Retail category reporting in the Google Ads UI

It's important to review all factors that can contribute to performance differences between your Search and Shopping campaigns, such as:

  • Brand vs non-brand campaigns
  • Campaigns targeting best sellers or specific products on Shopping campaigns
  • Location targeting or ad scheduling  
  • Audience targeting
  • Different bid strategies  

For example, your return on ad spend (ROAS) across all campaigns for “Shirts & Tops” may show that your Search campaign has a higher ROAS than your Shopping campaign. However, if you filter for your brand Search campaigns, your ROAS may appear more similar across both campaign types.

Review which retail categories are performing well and consider shifting budget towards these categories. You can also split these products into their own campaign to set a different bidding target.

Get started with retail category reporting by visiting the reporting page in Google Ads.

Posted by Thomas Houit, Product Managers, Google Ads


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