About open testing in App campaigns

You can now promote Android apps or games in open testing through App campaigns in Google Ads, to help you scale your pre-launch efforts even faster. Open testing can help you test areas such as stability, user retention, monetization, and effectiveness of ad creatives.

User testing helps developers make informed decisions on what to improve in your app. Particularly, pre-launch feedback is critical to the success of a game. To help you get insights from real users, open testing enables you to release a test version of your app in the Play Store.

How it works

To get started with open testing ads, you first need to set up an open test for your app in the Google Play Console. To successfully set up open testing ads, ensure you do not specify a maximum number of users in Google. Once you’re all set in the Play Console, you can move over to Google Ads to create a new App campaign for installs.

Before you begin

  • You must ensure that you don’t limit the number of downloads of the open test when setting up in the Google Play Console.
  • During setup for open test in the play console and Google Ads, we recommend that you select the countries that best represent the markets where you plan to finally launch the app.

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