Automate your Google Ads conversion imports with Zapier

January 23, 2020

When you’re trying to generate leads for your business, it can be a challenge to optimize campaigns for lead quality. In some cases, this is because your conversion data may be captured in offline customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Offline conversion tracking enables you to import these conversions directly into Google Ads, giving you a better view of how your targeting, bids, and creative combine to drive performance. In addition, it makes it easier for you to use Smart Bidding, as this imported conversion data provides a more reliable signal for our bidding models.

However, getting this data out of a CRM system and into Google Ads can be difficult–especially if you have limited technical resources. That’s why we’ve collaborated with Zapier to help them develop their Google Ads integration. Zapier’s automation solution will make it easier for you to identify and extract CRM-based conversion events, format the data, and upload it directly to Google Ads.

Learn more about offline conversion tracking in the Google Ads Help Center. Download this guide to learn more about the Zapier integration.

Posted by Jon Diorio, Director of Product Management, Google Ads

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