Understand how budget and goal changes may impact Smart Bidding

January 13, 2020

Simulators help you understand your potential performance at different bid levels. To date, these simulations have only been available for campaigns using manual bidding or Target CPA. To make it easier for you to get more insights from a wider variety of campaigns, we’re adding simulator support for budgets and for the Target ROAS bid strategy.

Find the right target ROAS to achieve your goals

The Target ROAS simulator shows the relationship between a ROAS target and your key metrics. For example, let’s say you’re interested in seeing how a higher target would impact your performance. Using data from the auctions you participated in over the last 7 days, this tool will show you what would have happened assuming everything else (e.g., your ads, landing pages, competitor ads, competitor bids etc.) stayed the same.

tROAS bid simulator in Google Ads UI

Find your ideal budget to maximize performance

On occasion, you may need to update your budgets for campaigns that use Maximize clicks or Maximize conversions. The budget simulator will show how these changes could have impacted your performance. This makes it easy for you to find your ideal budget allocation across campaigns.

Campaign budget simulator in Google Ads UI

Learn more about simulators in the Google Ads Help Center.

Posted by Sagar Shah, Product Manager, Google Ads

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