Callouts for Hotel campaigns policies

This article details the policies for callouts in Hotel campaigns. Learn more about creating callouts


  • Up to 20 callouts can be associated per entity (e.g. ad group, campaign).
  • Callout text is limited to 25 characters in most languages, or 12 characters in double-width languages (like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean).
  • Do not include punctuation and symbols to draw attention to your callout.
  • Repetition of words or phrases is not allowed.

Callouts cannot:

  • Include “Book Now” or “Official Site” because they conflict with text and labels Google uses in the ads.
  • Contain any direct calls to action.
  • Contain false statements or superlatives that are not proven and explicit on the hotel Ad’s landing page, such as “best deals” or any offers (like vouchers, book early discounts, savings, etc..)
Note: Callouts need to be applicable to the majority of available bookings that the callout is targeting. For example, a callout saying “up to 60% off” cannot be used if only a small portion of bookings for that callout offer 60% off for the associated ads.

What callouts cost

There's no cost to add callouts to your campaign. Clicks on your ad are charged as usual, and you're charged a click when someone clicks any element of your ad.

When callouts show

Adding a callout doesn’t guarantee that it'll always show with your ad.

Callouts show with your ad when

  • The callout is predicted to improve your performance.
  • Your ad’s position and Ad Rank are high enough for callouts to show.
  • The position of your ad on the results page is eligible to show callouts.

Callouts may not show with your ad if

  • Other extensions can cause your particular callout not to show. Generally, Google will show the highest performing extensions first, until the total number of allowed extensions and combinations of extensions show.
  • Your ad’s position and/or Ad Rank are too low.
  • Multiple rates are displaying (such as different rates for different occupancies).
Note: To show callouts, Google requires a minimum Ad Rank. You may need to increase your bid or ad quality (or both) in order for your callouts to show.

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