About store visit conversion window

The conversion window is the number of days after a click during which a conversion will be recorded.

Setting your store visit conversion window

The default conversion window for store visits is 30 days. You can also set custom conversion windows from 1-30 days.

Best Practices for Smart Bidding

We recommend using a 7-day conversion window if you have included store visits in Conversions and are considering them in your Smart Bidding strategies. Not only can performance be evaluated more quickly, it will also allow the bidding system to be more reactive to changes in user behavior. We don’t recommend setting conversion windows less than 7 days due to differing weekday and weekend shopping patterns.

However for specific business models that require a longer conversion window due to longer purchase cycles (e.g. auto dealerships), it is recommended to keep the default 30-day conversion window. Keep in mind, when using a 30-day window, it will take longer after implementation to optimize the performance of Smart Bidding with store visits.

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