About recommended media plans in Reach Planner

You can allow Reach Planner to choose ad formats and budget allocations for you and create a recommended plan. Reach Planner looks at location (country, state, province, or city), budget, and creative settings (for example, creative length) to recommend optimal ad formats for your media plan.

When you use a recommended media plan over a media plan you create, you allow Reach Planner to estimate the best combination and mix of ad formats to help you achieve your marketing goal. This reduces the need for you to understand which ad formats work with certain targeting or for certain goals. If you want to change the media plan, you still have the option to edit your mix of ad formats and individual line items on the media plan page.

Reach Planner's data is based on Google's Unique Reach methodology, validated with third parties and consistent with actual reach and bids reported. Reach Planner is updated weekly to use the most up-to-date data available.

Recommended product mixes can be different depending on your overall media plan's goal ("Awareness" or "Consideration"). "Awareness" forecasts recommend a product mix that increases your expected reach, and "Consideration" forecasts recommend a product mix that increases your expected views. You can still select your own product mix when you set up or edit your media plan.

Note: While recommended plans provide reach and frequency estimates, they don't guarantee actual performance. Actual campaign performance depends on other factors (such as ad quality and ad relevance).
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