How do I invite someone to access an account I manage?

As an MCC user with Administrative Access, you may invite other users to share Standard (Managed) or Reports (Managed) Access for any account you manage. Read our FAQ to learn more about these access levels.

To send an invitation to share an account for which you have MCC Administrative Access, follow these steps:

After you send your invitation, we'll notify you of the invite status in your account. We'll also send you an email once the person accepts or declines the invitation with instructions on how to proceed. If the user accepts the invitation, you'll need to grant this person access to the account via this account's Access page. If the user doesn't accept or decline the invitation within a few days, we encourage you to contact him or her. If you send the invitation to the wrong email, you can easily correct this mistake.

Invited users will create their own logins to access the Google Ads account to which you've invited them, so you can safeguard your own MCC login information.

Note that any users you invite to access a Google Ads account will also have access to any AdSense account that shares the same login information.

  1. Sign in to your MCC account and drill down to the desired account within the MCC.
  2. Once at the managed account level, click the 'My Account' tab. Then click the 'Access' link.
  3. On the Access page, click the 'Invite other users' link.
  4. Enter in the email address and name of the person you want to invite to access this account.
  5. Select the access level you want to assign the user. MCC administrators may invite users at the Standard (Managed) Access and Reports (Managed) Access levels, but not at the Administrator Access level.
  6. Click 'Continue.' (To invite additional users, click 'Invite an Additional User' and repeat the previous steps).
  7. Enter your name and a personal message about the nature of the email in the fields. Click 'Preview the invitation' to see the outgoing message we've created with your personalized content. Click 'Continue.'
  8. Click 'Send Invitation' to finish.
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