About unwanted calls

When you're running call-only ads or call extensions on Google Search, Google shows your ad against a specific set of keywords that you provide when setting up your campaign. Learn more about where your ads can appear. People can click your ads or extensions, and initiate a phone call to your business using the phone number provided in the ads or extensions.

Unwanted calls

If you're receiving unwanted calls after adding your phone number to a Google Ads campaign, it might be because your call-only ad or call extension was shown on a generic keyword and the lead was not sufficiently qualified.


A home security provider bidding on the keyword “security” may see unwanted calls from ads as their call only ads and call extensions may show on searches for things like “social security” as well.  Similarly, a home insurance provider targeting “insurance” may have their ads shown on searches from users looking for car insurance.

Possible actions

Refining your keyword list will help you better control when your ad is shown on Google Search. If you seem to be receiving many phone calls that are unrelated to your business, try removing generic keywords that may cause your ads to appear on unintended searches.. Learn more about basic tips for building a keywords list.

If you are using an agency, you can reach out to them in order to adjust the targeting in your Google Ads campaign to reduce unwanted calls. 

You can add, edit, or remove the keywords and optimize them to improve your campaign's performance. Learn more about optimizing your keyword list.

You can only disable your call-only ad or call extension. Learn more about pausing and resuming your ads.
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