What makes up a hotel booking link

After a traveler clicks on a hotel in the hotel search unit (part of Google Search), they can click through to the placesheet for that hotel, where travelers can find hotel booking links. The placesheet contains:

What components make up a Hotel placesheet

Step 1 Hotel name, class, address, phone number, and links to the hotel website or directions. Also included in this section are the average user rating, highlights, and a description of the hotel. Click the hotel name to view more details, including prices, hotel reviews, location information, and photos.
Step 2 A “Book a Room” button which takes travelers to a full listing of hotel booking links (which is also the “Prices” tab).
Step 3

The booking module displays the top-ranked booking links and a link to view more prices (which will show all hotel booking links under the “Prices” tab). Travelers can adjust prices by check-in and check-out date, as well as the number of guests. In your price list, you can configure prices to change in response to what the traveler searches for.

Step 4

View price by nightly rate, nightly total, or stay total, allowing travelers to view a hotel’s rates and fees with additional context. This option is also available for all hotel booking links within the "Prices" tab.

Step 5

Booking link ads, which take travelers to a landing page for a hotel, OTA, or metasearch engine where they can book a room in the selected hotel. You can configure this link to include a small logo and call out attractive hotel features or amenities. Clicks on these links are paid, and this section is labeled with an “Ads” badge.

Step 5 Free booking links, which are listed under “All options” on the “Overview” and “Pricing” tabs. Clicks on these links are free.
If you need help with your booking links, please contact us or request to chat with a support specialist.
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