Cross-Network reports (Beta)

Beta versions of the Top Paths and Assisted Conversions reports include YouTube video engagements.

A new report section, Cross-Network, is available as part of Attribution in Google Ads. You will see this section in your left report navigation if you are participating in the Cross-Network beta program. 

The Cross-Network section contains two reports, Top Paths and Assisted Conversions. These two reports are identical to the Paths > Top Paths and Conversions > Assisted Conversions reports, however the Cross-Network versions of these reports include YouTube video engagements, i.e. when a user:

  • watches a video ad for at least 10 seconds or
  • clicks the ad

Find the reports

To find the reports:

  1. Click the tools icon  in the upper right.
  2. Under “Measurement,” select Search attribution.
  3. In the left report navigation, expand Cross-Network to reveal the two reports.
    Note: The Cross-Network section is only visible if you are participating in the Cross-Network beta program.

Top Paths

Top Paths shows the most common paths your customers take to convert, including YouTube video engagements and clicks.

Within Top Paths, you can see more specific reports by selecting options from the dropdown menu.

  • Ad Group Path, Campaign Path, Network Path, Creative Path, and Keyword Path show the sequence of engagements and clicks customers made before completing a conversion, and how frequently that sequence occurred.

  • Transition Path reports (at the network, keyword, ad group, creative, and campaign levels) also show paths, but collapse repeated engagements into a single entry. This clarifies the conversion paths in which customers moved between multiple kinds of engagements.

Assisted Conversions

Assisted Conversions shows assisted and last-click conversion metrics for each campaign, ad group, and network across Search and YouTube.

Why use these reports?

The Top Paths and Assisted Conversions reports 

  • Show how Search and YouTube campaigns work together to drive conversions
  • Allow you to view Search clicks, YouTube clicks, and video engagements along the path to conversion
  • Provide insights into campaign performance
  • Inform your tCPA or budget setting by showing you which campaigns and networks assist conversions


In order for these reports to be available and have data, you must meet all of the following prerequisites.

  • Advertise on Google Search and YouTube for Action
  • Use Google Ads Conversion Tracking
    Note: Google Analytics Goals and Offline Conversion import cannot measure YouTube video engagements. These conversion types will show paths across Search and YouTube clicks only.
  • Participate in the Cross-Network beta program
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