Adding cross-device activity to all attribution reports

March 29, 2019

Attribution reports show you the paths customers take to complete a conversion, and attribute credit to different ad clicks along the way. Cross-device conversions account for the moments when a customer interacted with an ad on one device and then completed a conversion on another device.

Previously, only the Devices, Assisting Devices, and Device Paths attribution reports included cross-device activity. But we’ve received feedback from many of you that this has resulted in inconsistent conversion counts across different reports, making it difficult to understand different aspects of your conversions data.

Starting on May 1st, all attribution reports will include cross-device activity and conversions, giving you valuable insight into how people interact with your ads on multiple devices, and consistency across reports.

Data in these reports go back to May 1, 2019. For dates prior to this, the reporting experience and conversion counts will remain unchanged.

See the full list of metrics updated to include cross-device activity.

Posted by Mauricio Barrera, Product Manager, Google Ads

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