Our commitment to help you with policy compliance

March 14, 2019

Protecting our users and advertisers from bad actors is very important to us, and that’s why we have strict policies that govern the kinds of ads we allow on our platform. We also work hard to help good advertisers avoid making honest mistakes that lead to policy violations. That’s why we’re rolling out new features to help you achieve your full campaign potential by allowing you to easily navigate the policy restrictions that may affect your ads.

Introducing the Policy manager

In April, we’re introducing a new Policy manager, to provide a centralized and customized experience in Google Ads where you can monitor policy restrictions of ads, keywords, and extensions across your entire account. Over time, we’ll continue to add new features here, including recommendations for fixing your ads, a history of your appeals, an overview of your account’s certifications and more.

Policy manager
To access Policy manager in Google Ads, click “Setup” in the Tools Table, then select the “Policy manager” tab

Get additional insight behind policy decisions

Beginning last year, advertisers were able to see additional information about what caused their ad to be disapproved by simply hovering over the ad. We will continue to expand this capability in 2019.

Disapproved ad Approved (limited) ad

Find detailed information on ads disapprovals by hovering over your ads

Enable policy appeals in just a few clicks

If you disagree with an action we’ve taken on your ads, soon you will be able to appeal the decision for another review with just a few clicks, directly within Google Ads. This feature will start rolling out to accounts this spring and will be available for text ads for most policy violations. Hover over a disapproved or limited ad and look for the “resubmit” link to see if you’re eligible. You’ll also be able to track the status of your appeal in the Policy manager.

Policy appeal
We’re making it easier to resubmit ads in Google Ads

Detect violations in real-time

In some cases, we’re able to detect policy violations during ad creation. In those cases, we’ll provide real-time feedback to help you understand potential policy violations before they actually occur. You can then make changes to your ad right away to bring them into compliance.

Policy violation real-time feedback
Make sure to check our real-time feedback during ad creation

We’re excited to introduce new tools to further help you navigate policy requirements and create high-quality, compliant ads.

Posted by Hristo Stefanov, Product Manager, Search Ads

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