Evaluate your Mobile Site Speed with the revamped Test My Site tool

February 28, 2019

Your mobile site is often the first place consumers meet your brand. Having a slow site can leave a bad first impression and even cost you customers. In retail, a one second delay in mobile load times can impact conversions by up to 20%.1 How do you know if your mobile site is fast enough?

The revamped Test My Site makes it easy to understand your mobile site performance and get custom fixes to improve your page speed—all in one place. Use this tool to:

  • Check your mobile site speed: Measure the speed of your entire mobile site in addition to individual mobile pages
  • Track your progress: See how your mobile site speed is trending month over month
  • Stay ahead of the curve: See how your mobile site speed stacks up against competitors
  • Estimate speed’s impact on your business: See the potential impact mobile site speed can have on revenue

Test My Site

Test your site today here.

Posted by Prashant Nair, Product Manager, Google Ads


1. Source: SOASTA, U.S., “New Findings: The State of Online Retail Performance,” 2017.

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