See performance of hotel groups


Note: This article applies only to reporting for Hotel campaigns in Google Ads. If you haven't migrated your Hotel campaigns to Google Ads, read about reporting for Hotel campaigns in the Hotel Ads Centre.

Seeing how your Hotel groups performed by metrics such as clicks and impressions can help you further refine your campaign management and bidding strategies. For instance, you may want to bid differently for different hotel groups to increase performance.

See hotel group data in Google Ads

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  2. Click Hotel groups in the page menu. The following statistics are available:
Clicks How many travellers clicked on your ad.
Cost How much you spend during this period.
Impressions The number of times that users have viewed your ad for a hotel.
AveragePosition The average order in which your ad appeared on a page, relative to all other ads in all slots. The value of Average ad position is the result of the auction. If your ad didn't appear, this value is empty.
HotelAverageLeadValue For a specific hotel, the average cost of the stay (including taxes & fees), based on those impressions resulting in clicks. Only those impressions resulting in a click (from any partner in the auction) are included in the average.
Search impr. share
Search top IS
Search absolute top IS
Search lost IS (rank)

Search lost top IS (rank)

Search lost abs. top IS (rank)

These metrics measure where your ads appeared in the Hotel ads booking module. Learn more about impression share metrics in Hotel campaigns.


If you don't see these metrics, you can add or remove columns in the statistics table.

If you're using the Google Ads API, you can also query performance data.

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