How travelers find hotel booking links

1. Searching for hotels on Google

An example of how Hotel ads appear within Google Search

When a traveler searches for hotels on, they may see a mixture of ads (which are marked with an "Ads" badge) and free booking links. Depending on the query, the hotel search unit may appear among the results, displaying top hotel search results with hotel photos, ratings, prices, and a map. If a traveler clicks View [number] hotels or on the map, they'll be taken to the immersive view. If they click on a hotel, they'll go straight to the placesheet for that hotel.

If a user enters a query for a specific hotel, they may see a “knowledge panel” with information about that hotel, similar to what appears on the placesheet, on the search results page. The knowledge panel may also contain a booking module where the user can find booking links to reserve a room in that hotel for the user’s selected dates.

2. Google Hotels immersive view

Hotel ads immersive view

When a traveler searches for hotels on, and then clicks View [number] hotels, they'll be taken to the immersive view. The immersive view includes both a list and a map of hotel search results that contains hotel names, photos, prices, and ratings. These results may also include a type of hotel ad called property promotion ads.

A traveler can further filter prices by check-in date, occupancy, price, amenities, user rating, brand, and hotel class.

Clicking on a hotel sends a traveler to the hotel booking module.

3. Hotel placesheet

An example of a Hotel ads placesheet

The hotel placesheet contains:

  • Information about the hotel, such as contact information, amenities, photos, and user reviews, as well as direct links to the hotel’s website and directions.
  • A “booking module” that contains hotel booking links, which consist of prices and links to book a room in the hotel for a specific check-in date and room occupancy. Paid booking links are labeled with an "Ads" badge, and free booking links are listed under "All options".

When a traveler clicks on a hotel booking link, they’ll be taken to a website to complete the booking.

If you need help with your booking links, please contact us or request to chat with a support specialist.
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