Deliver more New Year conversions with the latest Display ads features

December 18, 2018

With 61 percent of shoppers interested in buying from new retailers during the holiday season, it's important to make sure your Display campaigns are set up for success through the new year. To help you maximize your return-on-investment during the bustle of seasonal shopping, we’re sharing 3 new ways for you to deliver more conversions.

Reach more shoppers with the same budget

Marketers often increase bids towards the end of a month or campaign to make the most of their budgets. This process can be time consuming and the results are often unpredictable. That’s why we built an audience expansion tool. It helps you expand your reach to drive more conversions at the same average cost-per-acquisition (CPA).

Thanks to your feedback, we're introducing improvements to this tool. You can now increase or decrease your audience reach with more granularity and see weekly impression estimates based on your selection. Simply move the slider to see how many more impressions you could get at comparable performance, and click ‘Save.’


Target expansion settings

New audience expansion settings for Display campaigns


Advertisers using this tool to improve their Display campaign performance have seen up to 50% more conversions for the same investment.1

Get the right products in front of new customers

We recently introduced dynamic prospecting to help you get the right product in front of the right customers at scale. Compared to dynamic remarketing, which shows products to customers based on their past interactions with your website, dynamic prospecting uses your product feed to show relevant products to shoppers based on their past interactions across Google and other publisher sites.

Through machine learning, Google Ads evaluates the performance for the products in your feed to determine which ones are most relevant to a user’s interests and likely to lead to conversions even if they haven't visited your site yet. To add dynamic prospecting, just link an existing product feed to your Display campaign.

Advertisers who've connected a feed to their Display campaign have seen an average ROI increase of 20%.2

Reach more of your ideal customers

If you have a large product inventory or a wide variety of customers to reach in the new year, custom intent audiences are a great way to help you save time while reaching even the most specific audiences. Just enter keywords, URLs or apps, and Google will provide recommended segments for you to add to your campaign.

To help you save even more time, you can now choose from thousands of new segments, automatically created based on your account. By using these segments, like local goods or electronics, you don’t have to manage hundreds or even thousands of keywords to reach the right customers.


Custom intent audiences

Choose from thousands of automatically created segments with custom intent audiences


Posted by Tris Warkentin, Product Manager, Display ads



1. Google internal data for one conversion window cycle (according to advertiser conversion tracking settings, e.g. 30 days). Global, November 2018.
2. Google internal data. Global, Sept 2017. This is not a guarantee of improved performance.

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