About access restrictions for call-only ads

If you're running call-only ads with Google Ads and notice low or decreased impressions, it may be due to recent changes we’ve made that impact when call-only ads can appear. This article explains some of the access restrictions you might encounter.

Advertisers running call-only ads may notice decreased impressions for some of their call-only ads. In some cases, you may see a stop in impressions on call-only ads while in other cases you may see a decrease. For a high quality experience for both users and advertisers, certain restrictions may impact call-only ads, such as:

  • Call-only ads running in sensitive verticals (for example, remote technical support)
  • Call-only ads targeting certain keywords (for example, branded or otherwise determined to be at high risk for abuse: “Medicare Support Number”).

    Keep in mind

    • Increasing bids won't improve the performance of call-only ads that have been impacted by these restrictions.
    • If you notice an impact on the impressions of your call-only ads, try using call extensions instead.
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