About combined audiences

Combined audiences is an effective targeting option that allows you to combine various audience attributes, such as detailed demographics and affinities, to create “personas” that represent segments of your target audiences. 

You can create any number of personas to represent different types of users that might use your products, services, or website. By creating personas based on your users’ backgrounds, needs, and goals, you can target the right customers at the right time. 

With combined audiences, you can intersect audience segments to express most advertiser personas. For example, let’s say you are targeting your ad to outdoor enthusiasts (affinity audience) or people looking to buy a car (in-market audience). With combined audiences, you can now intersect the affinity audience with in-market audience and target the ad for your SUV to outdoor enthusiasts who are also looking to buy a car. Without combined audiences, you would also show your ad to people who are outdoor enthusiasts and not in-market for a car or people who are in-market for a car and don’t like the outdoors. 

You can combine any audience criteria with Combined audiences, e.g. home ownership detailed demographic, life events, remarketing lists.

Combined audiences reports

Audience reports tell you how a certain audience has performed as part of a campaign. Reporting for combined audiences shows you e.g. impressions, views for that combined audience so that you can evaluate its performance. 

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