Quickly act on changes in your campaigns with the ad group shift insight

July 16, 2018

Campaign performance can be impacted by sudden shifts in spend between ad groups. To date, identifying which Ad Groups had significant changes in traffic has been a highly manual process. You had to click into campaigns, select cost as a metric and scope different date ranges to identify impacted ad groups.

The new ad group shifts insight alerts you when shifts occur between ad groups automatically. From there, you can evaluate how these shifts have impacted performance and make the necessary adjustments. 

Ad group shifts insight

For example, let’s say Ad group #1 has historically driven lower margin sales than Ad group #2 or Ad group #3 and Ad group #1 has an increasing share of the campaign budget recently. In this situation, it might make sense to break Ad group #1 out into its own campaign so you can budget separately for your higher margin ad groups.  Otherwise you might see your overall margins fall.

Visit the Help Center to get details on other Insight Cards located in the Overview section of your Google Ads account. 

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