About Brand Lift

Brand Lift is not available for all Google Ads accounts. To use Brand Lift, contact your Google account representative. If you don't have a Google account representative, you won't be able to use Brand Lift in your account.

Brand Lift is a free tool for measuring the effectiveness of your video ads, which you can use to adjust and improve your Video campaigns. 

With a focus on metrics such as ad recall, brand awareness, and consideration (rather than traditional metrics such as clicks, impressions, or views), Brand Lift can help you align your campaigns with your marketing goals. Brand Lift’s testing methodology and large sample size can provide you with detailed insights into the influence your campaigns have on the way people feel about your product or brand.

This article explains the benefits of Brand Lift, and how it works.

Note: For setup instructions, read Set up Brand Lift measurement.

How Brand Lift works

Brand Lift is available for in-stream and bumper ads bought via auction. It’s currently unavailable for TrueView outstream and discovery campaigns.

To use Brand Lift, first you must create an “advertised object.” Think of an advertised object as a grouping of all your campaigns that share a common denominator. This can be a brand, product, store, service or anything you wish to advertise. Using the details you provide about your advertised object, Google will assist you in generating a set of survey questions that will be shown to your target audience to measure Brand Lift.

Once your ads campaigns start running, Google will start showing your Brand Lift surveys on YouTube, before a video starts. These surveys will be shown to the following groups:

  • People who have seen your ads
  • People who were eligible to see your ads, but didn’t see them

Multiple surveys can be created for different metrics to be shown to users at different times. The difference in the responses between the group who saw your ads and the group who didn’t will determine the influence your ads have on key brand metrics, such as ad recall, awareness, consideration and more. This process continues as long as your campaigns are running. After a person receives a survey, they won’t be surveyed again for the next 28 days.

About Brand Lift measurement data

Depending on the amount of survey responses, you will be able to see the following aggregated Brand Lift metrics:

  • Positive response rate
  • Absolute brand lift
  • Headroom lift
  • Number of lifted users
  • Cost-per-lifted user
  • Control positive response rate
  • Relative brand lift

The following aggregated Brand Lift metrics are available to you once your campaign associated with advertised objects begins running:

  • Exposed survey responses
  • Baseline survey responses
  • All survey responses

To learn more about Brand Lift measurement data, and how to select which metrics to view, read Understand your Brand Lift measurement data.


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