About Maximize Lift bidding

Maximize Lift is a YouTube bid optimization that allows you to optimize your TrueView In-Stream campaign for consideration lift. Using machine learning signals, Maximize Lift focuses on showing your ad to people who are likely to consider your brand or product. Maximize Lift bidding will increase your Brand Consideration lift per dollar spent.

Before you begin

You'll need to set up Brand Lift measurement in order to use Maximize Lift bidding. Brand Lift is available for all YouTube in-stream formats, but Maximize Lift bidding is only available for TrueView in-stream ads. Learn more about TrueView video campaigns.

How it works

Maximum Lift bidding uses details you provide about your brand or product to generate content for Brand Lift surveys. When providing this information, try to focus on a specific product or brand (for example, if your product or brand is “Google Assistant,” you will want to write out the full brand name, as opposed to “Google”). With these details you will be able to view aggregated reporting on key Brand Lift metrics at the advertised object level. To help contextualize the survey questions, the details you provide should be as specific as possible.

These surveys are then shown to people who match your campaign targeting. The results of these surveys will generate different reports, for example reports by campaign and by demo. Learn more about Brand Lift survey responses.

Maximize Lift bidding uses the survey response data in order to focus your campaign on reaching people who are more likely to consider your brand, product or service. It then focuses on finding other people who may also consider your product, brand or service, which increases the Brand Consideration lift per dollar of your bid.

When you use Maximize lift bidding, it is expected that your view-through rate (VTR) will decrease compared to TrueView with cost-per-view (CPV) bidding. That's because instead of optimizing for views, Maximize lift optimizes for lift. Research shows that even if an ad is not viewed to completion, lift may still increase, especially if your ads have long watch times. Using Active View reporting metrics and watch times, it's easier to understand ad viewability and how much time people are spending with your ads, regardless of whether the result is a completed view for your ad.

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