How to download the Google Partner badge

The Google Partner badge and the Premier Google Partner badge are granted to companies in the Google Partners programme who have qualified for Partner status. This article contains information on how to download the Partner badge and guidelines for how you can use it.

Before you begin

If your company hasn't earned Google Partner status, read How to earn the Google Partner badge to learn more about the requirements.

About the Partner badges

There are two Partner badge formats, one that can be used on online properties (we call this the dynamic badge) and one that can be used on printed marketing materials (we call this the static badge).

Dynamic badge

The dynamic badge shows your company's name and specialisations when someone hovers over the dots in the right-hand corner. The dynamic badge must be used on your website and the additional domains that are listed on your Partners company profile. You'll add the badge to these websites using a code snippet.

Partners only looks for the unique code snippet – and not any other code that may be used on your site – when displaying the badge. Note that Partners follows Google's privacy policies when collecting and using information.

Static badge

The static badge lists the specialisations that your company has earned at the bottom. The static badge must be used in all marketing materials, and cannot be used on your websites. You'll download a .zip file with the badge assets.


How to download your Partner or Premier Partner badge

  1. Go to the Partners programme tab.
  2. Find the Badge status card. 
  3. Click the three-dot menu 3 dot menu icon, then click Get badge assets.
  4. To get the code snippet for the dynamic badge, click Download snippet. To get the assets for the static badge for marketing materials, click 'Google Partner Badge'.  

Note that it may take 24 to 48 hours for your badge to become available.

By default, the dynamic badge can appear on the website(s) that you added in your Company details card. To show the badge on additional websites, go to the Partners programme tab, find the 'Company details' card, click 'View details' and select the 'Badged websites' option to enter the additional website URLs.      

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