Sign up for Google Partners in Google Ads

Google Partners is a marketing program for advertising agencies or third-parties that manage Google Ads accounts on behalf of other brands or businesses. When you sign up for the Google Partners program, you'll get access to a range of benefits, including education & insights, access & support, and recognition & rewards.

This article explains the steps you need to follow to sign up for Google Partners.

Before you begin

If you aren't familiar with the Google Partners program or the requirements for signing up, read more about Google Partners before getting started.


  1. Go to the Google Partners website.
  2. Click the Join Google Partners tab, then click Join now.
  3. If you aren't already signed in to your Google Ads account, sign in.
    • Note: You’ll need admin access to your company’s manager account to sign up for Google Partners. You may see an error message if you don’t have admin access.
  4. Review the disclaimer and Terms of Service, then click Accept and continue.
  5. Select the Google Ads manager account that represents your company.
  6. Enter your company name, the number of account strategists in your company, your website URL, and your company's primary location.
    • Note: Account strategists are employees of your company who manage Google Ads campaigns on behalf of your clients
  7. Click Save.

You’ll then be redirected to the Partners section of your Google Ads account, and all Google Partners features will be available to you.

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