Boost performance with intelligent Google Ads solutions

Attribution, Audience, and Automation are the key to growing your business.

Today’s consumers are more demanding and impatient than ever. Attribution, Audience, and Automation can help you meet their heightened expectations and create new opportunities. Here’s a brief overview of each one and the benefits you can expect.


Measure what matters to invest in what’s working.

Customers interact with ads on various devices across the internet using different channels. Learn how non-last click-attribution values each touchpoint along the customer journey and can help you reach them earlier on their purchase path.




Create meaningful connections.

Your customers turn to their devices multiple times throughout the day and there's never been a better way to engage with the ones who are most valuable to your business. We can help you reach people who are most likely to take action with the right message at the right time using real-time data.




Get more value with less effort. 

The customer journey is more complex than ever, spanning multiple sites and devices. For marketers, it’s important to understand how to engage with users in all of these moments, but doing that manually is a challenge. That’s where automated solutions come in.


Success Story: La Quinta Inns and Suites


higher click-through rate


rise in conversion volume


conversion rate increase

La Quinta wanted to drum up some new business and earn loyalty among consumers who are easily swayed by price promotions. Their solution? A combination of Attribution, Audience, and Automation. The results? A 131% higher click-through rate, a 27% conversion rate increase, and an 83% rise in conversion volume compared to a typical season. 



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