About disabled Google Ads promotional offers

  • Google Ads promotional codes can be used to apply a promotional offer to an Google Ads account. The terms and conditions for each promotion can vary by country.
  • If we find that an individual or agency violated our Third-Party Policy, the promotional codes policy or the Partners terms and conditions, we may suspend the ability to receive new promotional codes through Partners.

Why promotional offers get suspended

Your ability to receive new promotional codes was suspended because you or the agency that you're affiliated with violated our Third-Party Policy, promotional codes policy, or the Partners terms and conditions.

Here are some examples:

  • Setting up multiple Google Ads accounts to drive traffic to the same website, and then applying a promotional code to each of these Google Ads account.

  • Applying more than one promotional code to the same Google Ads account.

  • Selling promotional offers.

What it means

When promotional offers are suspended, you won't receive new promotional codes that can be applied to eligible accounts or distributed to prospective clients from your Partners account.

What happens

We've developed a set of Third-Party Policy, promotional codes policy and Partners terms and conditions that all members of the Google Partners program are required to follow.

When you violate these requirements, we may email you with a warning and a chance to fix the problem. If you don't correct the problem in the given time period, we may suspend your access to promotional offers.

If you violate these requirements repeatedly or in a serious way, however, we may immediately suspend your access to promotional offers without prior notification.

Help prevent suspended promotional offers

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