About search phrases in Smart campaigns

Search phrases are what people searched for to see your ad. You can view your search phrases and their performance in your Smart campaigns dashboard. This article explains how search phrases work for Smart campaigns.

How search phrases work

When you sign up for or create a Smart campaign, you'll be asked to choose keyword themes. Keyword themes are your inputs – they help us match your ads to what people are searching for on Google. Search phrases are a report – they indicate the words and phrases that people entered on Google to see your ad. As such, search phrases are not editable.


For instance, the keyword theme “bakery” makes your ad eligible to show when people search for related terms on Google. In this case, your list of search phrases may include phrases like “bakery near me”, “local bakery” and “cake shop".


Search phrases will appear on the ”Search phrases” card once they have at least one impression. Because of this, it's normal for the search phrases card to be empty immediately after your campaign is created.

It may be helpful to review and update the keyword themes that you've chosen, since those influence the searches that your ad shows up for.

You cannot add more search phrases to your ad but, if some of the assigned search phrases aren't a good fit for your business, you can remove them. Learn more about turning your search phrases on or off.

Your business name

Your business name is automatically included as a search phrase so that your sponsored offer will appear for potential customers searching for your business. Using your business name as a search phrase helps increase exposure by making your business eligible to appear in both the sponsored and organic search results.

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