About text ads in Smart campaigns

Text ads in Smart campaigns include:

  • 3 headlines with 30 characters each
  • 2 descriptions with 90 characters each

Here is an example of how a text ad might look:

Comprehensive Insurance | Protect Yourself on a Budget | Get Your Free Quote Today
Ad www.example.com/insurance
Get affordable & trustworthy insurance. 10% discount on all online quotes. Easily compare insurance plans side-by-side in just a few seconds.

Frequently asked questions

How do text ads work on mobile devices?

Text ads are designed to look great across all devices, including mobile devices.

What are the character limits for text ad fields?

The headline fields for text ads support up to 30 characters each. The description fields support 90 characters each. Each character in a double-width language like Korean, Japanese, or Chinese counts as two instead of one towards these limits. Learn more about text ad requirements

Why does my text ad sometimes look different when it shows up on Google?

To help your ad attract more customers and receive more clicks, the information you've provided about your business and your website’s content will be used to create and test alternate ads. In some cases, this information may be used to test different headlines, descriptions, or landing pages, add sitelinks, or replace your headlines with only your business name, phone number, or address.

Both the original ad and the new ads will be run to determine which are more effective. If some of the ads are consistently performing better, those ads will be run more often over time.

Will all the ad text in my text ad always show when my ad shows?

Usually when your ad shows, all the ad text that you’ve entered in headline 1, headline 2, and description 1 fields will show along with it. The third headline and second description fields can show when there is enough space, but they're not guaranteed to always show. In some situations, Google Ads needs to shorten your text, usually with an ellipsis (“...”). For example:
  • If you have provided a business phone number, in some instances the “Call” button may take the place of some of your ad text.
  • If your ad text frequently uses wider characters (like “m”) instead of narrower characters (like “i”), your headline text may be wider than the space available for it on some browser sizes. With most Latin languages, you can avoid this by limiting your combined headline character count to 33 characters total.
  • While serving on the Google Display Network, “Headline 3” may not show in some ad formats.
  • To attract customers and get more clicks, different versions of your ads are generated using your ad text. Assets can be shown in any order, so make sure that they make sense individually or in combination, and that they don't violate our policies or local law. Some shortening may also occur in some formats. If you have text that should appear in every ad (such as a legal disclaimer), then you must create a Search Campaign. Learn more about pinning headlines and descriptions to specific locations

How do I fix an error when creating or editing text ads?

If you received an error message when trying to save your ad, this typically means that the text in the ad has to be changed to meet one or more of the Google Ads policies. Here are some tips to resolve errors like these:
  • Use the correct character limit for each field.
  • Check the proper use of punctuations and symbols.
  • Make sure your ad text doesn't have incorrect grammar or spelling.

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