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When you start advertising with Smart campaigns, we’ll look for and add any businesses you may have already added with Google My Business. If you have a Google My Business account that uses the same email address as your Google Ads account, your Google My Business listings will automatically appear as options. You can also add your business information directly to your Smart campaigns and edit it later.

Learn more about linking your Google My Business account to your Smart campaign.

How to edit your business information in Smart campaigns

  1. Click All campaigns, and then click the name of the campaign you want to edit.
  2. Scroll the page down.
  3. Under "Your ad settings," see the "Business info" card.
    1. If your Smart campaign is associated with a Google My Business listing, click Edit in Google My Business to make changes to your business.
    2. If your Smart campaign is not associated with a Google My Business listing, click Edit to change your business name and URL.
  4. Edit your business info as needed.
  5. Click Save.
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