Fix issues with importing phone call conversions

To keep track of phone calls that lead to sales or other valuable customer actions, you can import data about your phone call conversions into Google Ads. Sometimes, the total number of conversions that Google Ads counts might not match your expectations.

This article goes over common reasons why some of your phone call conversions don’t seem to be counted.

Your Google forwarding numbers are not enabled

For Google Ads to match the calls, Google forwarding numbers must have been enabled for your call assets and call-only ads at the time you received the calls.

Your file includes calls from other sources

Google Ads can only match and import calls from your Google click-to-call and call-only ads. If your upload includes other sources, these calls won’t be counted as conversions.

People call without clicking your call assets or call-only ads

If someone manually dials the displayed number in your ad, you’re not charged for the call, even though it was driven by your ad. These free calls aren’t counted as conversions.

Your file contains incorrect data

If you include incorrect data in the file you’ve imported, you’ll receive an error or your conversions won’t be counted. Here are a couple of things to look out for:
  • If you use multiple Google Ads accounts, check to make sure that you’re uploading your conversions to the right account.
  • Check if the time zone is correct and the time and time zone use one of the supported formats. It’s recommended that you use the time zone formats in this list to avoid errors during daylight savings time transitions.
  • Check to make sure that your phone number is formatted properly. If your phone number isn't formatted properly, the following error will display: "The phone number isn't in a supported format. Enter the phone number in a supported format and upload again." Learn more about how to Import phone call conversions.

Your file has too many rows

Limit your import conversions file to no more than 25,000 rows.

Your conversions aren't imported

Your conversions must be imported within a set conversion window. The maximum conversion window is 90 days but you change your conversion window on the conversion action itself.

If you miss your conversion window, you'll receive the following error message: "This conversion can't be imported. The click and conversion need to be within the conversion window.

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