Make changes with bulk edits

Bulk editing allows you to make multiple changes in your account at the same time. This article explains how to select multiple items in Google Ads and edit all of them at once. 


  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account. 
  2. Click Campaigns, Ad groups, Ads & extensions, Keywords, Audiences, Settings, Locations, or Ad schedule in the page menu to reach the corresponding page.
  3. Select multiple items by checking the box next to each item, then click Edit. You can edit attributes—such as your bid strategy, bid, budget, or match type—across all of your selected items. 

Keep in mind

In certain circumstances (especially when you’ve filtered your items by a performance metric), the number of items you select may not exactly match the number of items that Google Ads confirms when you’re finished making bulk changes. This is because the data you select can change quickly, and may have changed while edits were being processed.
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