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Welcome to Smart campaigns. Ready to take a look around? Let’s check out what you can do in your account:

Before you begin

If you're on the web, we recommend using the Google Chrome browser, where Google Ads has been optimized to work best. Learn how to fix an issue with your browser


Move among ads in your campaign

To move among your campaigns, use the account menu on the far-left side. If you're on a smaller screen, the account menu is hidden by default. To open it, either hover your mouse over the left side of the page, or click the account menu icon .

To filter the types of campaigns you see in the menu, click the 3-dot icon  on the account menu. This also filters what you'll see in your main account workspace.

Get insights from Google

After signing in and selecting a campaign from the navigation menu, you’ll see reporting and settings for that campaign. Adjust the date range in the top-right corner or click a specific card detail to continue discovering more insights.

Create something new

To create a new campaign, click Create new campaign from the ‘All campaigns’ overview page.

See important alerts

Get the most critical account alerts by clicking the bell icon Notifications in the top-right corner of any page in your account.

Manage billing and account settings

To update your billing and account settings, click the settings icon Google Ads | tools [Icon] in the top right of the page. Select Billing & payments to manage your billing details, or click Preferences to manage your account settings. 

Get help

Find help by clicking the question-mark  in the top-right corner of your account and selecting Get help.

Give feedback

We'd love to hear your thoughts about Smart campaigns. To let us know what works for you and what could be improved, click the question-mark icon in the top right-hand corner of your account, and select Send feedback.

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