Pause or resume a Smart campaign

There are 2 ways to pause a campaign: indefinitely or temporarily.

  • Choose “Temporarily” to schedule your campaign to automatically resume after a scheduled pause period. This can be useful for seasonal businesses.
  • Choose “Forever, or until I resume” to pause your campaign indefinitely. Manually resume it at any time.

While paused, your campaign won't accrue charges, but you may still receive a bill for charges accrued while your campaign was running.

Before you begin

Be sure to familiarize yourself with Smart campaigns.


  1. Click the name of the Smart campaign you want to edit.
  2. Under the campaign name, click on the status of your campaign. Then click Pause campaign.
  3. Click Pause campaign to confirm.
  4. Choose how long to pause your campaign.
    • Click Forever, or until I resume to pause the campaign indefinitely and manually resume it later.
    • Click Temporarily to set a schedule that automatically pauses and resumes your campaign.
  5. If you choose “Temporarily”, select the dates in the calendar for when you want to pause and resume your campaign.
    • Note: You can revise your campaign’s resume date or change it to pause indefinitely by clicking Edit under the campaign’s name in the campaign dashboard.
  6. Click Pause.
Note: You can resume your campaign at any time through the campaign dashboard. Select the “Paused” dropdown under your campaign’s name, then select “Resume campaign”.

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