Google Ads Terms & Conditions Update 2017

We're always improving the Google Ads program for our advertisers. As part of that, we've updated the contractual terms that govern the relationship between advertisers and Google.

What you need to do

To continue advertising with Google Ads, you’ll need to accept the updated terms. If you don’t accept the terms, your campaigns may be paused until you accept them. To keep your Google Ads services running, we recommend reviewing and accepting the terms within your Google Ads account as soon as possible. You will have 45 days to review and accept the new terms.

If you are an Google Ads API (AdWords API) user, you will need to log directly into the accounts (using the non-API Google Ads interface) to review and accept the updated terms.

Where to find the new terms and how to accept them

When you sign in to your Google Ads account, you’ll see a red alert bar at the top of your screen. To accept the new terms, simply follow the prompts within your account. 

Keep in mind
  • If you decline the new terms, your ad serving will be paused.
  • New terms are being rolled out in stages. If you don't see an alert in your account yet, your new terms are still on the way.

After you've seen an alert in your account or received an email about the new terms, you can also review them outside of your account by visiting the terms of service finder. To review our previous terms and conditions, see below.

FAQs & Troubleshooting

I don’t see new terms in my account

If you’re not seeing the new terms when you sign into your account, there’s nothing more for you to do right now. Because we’re updating the new terms on a rolling basis, you may be scheduled for a later time. Or your terms may already have been accepted by someone you’ve authorized to act on your behalf (for example, an advertising agency, or someone you’ve authorized to be financially responsible for your accounts).


I tried to accept the terms, but received an error

Locate the error you received below to learn what to do next:

“You do not have permission to accept these terms and conditions.”

Terms can only be accepted by users with Administrative or Standard access. To find out who is authorized to accept the terms, go to the Account access page and find a user with "Administrative" or "Standard" access. 

“This action requires edit access on the payments profile. Check users and their permission levels by visiting the payments setting page or check your email to accept the invite if you have already been added as a payments user with edit permission.”

You can determine who has access by reviewing the list of Payments users in your account: 

  1. Go to  Billing & payments in your account.
  2. Click Settings from the menu on the left.
  3. At the bottom of the page find the “Payments users” section.
  4. Look for “Admin,” "Edit payments profile," or “Full Access" next to their name.
“You do not have sufficient permission to accept these terms and conditions.”


Permission to accept the terms is dependent on access to the manager account associated with the payments profile responsible for your account's bills. Only an administrator of that manager account can accept the terms.

The appropriate contacts have been notified and instructed on what to do next. No action required of you. 


What happens if I don’t accept?

If you decline the new terms, all campaigns in your account will be paused.

What’s changed?

Google can’t interpret the new terms for you or provide an analysis of how the previous version (listed below) compares to the new. There are quite a few changes, and as with any legal document, you might consider consulting an attorney if you have legal questions. The new terms include these key updates:

  • More flexibility to notify or inform advertisers via phone calls, text messages and emails.
  • New provisions related to how products and features are tested within Google Ads.
  • New provisions related to the disclosure of technical errors and bugs within Google Ads.
  • New data protection terms related to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other EU privacy frameworks.

Dispute Resolution

For some advertisers, updated terms include a new dispute resolution agreement that requires the use of binding arbitration to resolve disputes rather than jury trials or class actions. Depending on your country, you may be eligible to opt out of this provision. 

You will be informed of all options that apply to your account when you log in to review the new terms. Please read all notices and review the provisions carefully.

What hasn't changed

Accepting the new terms does not change any of your bids, budgets, credit/invoicing terms, or other campaign settings. As always, you’ll continue to control your settings in the Campaign tab of your account.

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