About ad variations

Ad variations allow you to easily create and test variations of your ads across multiple campaigns or your entire account. For example, you can test how well your ads perform if you were to change your call to action from "Buy now" to "Buy today." Or you can test changing your headline to "Call Now for a Free Quote" across ads in multiple campaigns.

How it works

With ad variations, you can review the performance of your variations and apply the modified ads to your account.

Create your ad variation

To create an ad variation, first select the scope. The scope can be the entire account, specific campaigns, or a custom scope. You can choose between different ad types such as text ads or responsive search ads. Next, you create the variation -- for example, find “Local Hotels” and replace it with “Nearby Hotels”. Finally, you set the other variation details -- such as end date and what percent of traffic to show the modified ads. Learn how to set up an ad variation

View your ad variation performance

You can view the overall ad variation results and drill in to see how the modified ads are performing compared to original ads.

Apply your ad variation

Once you are happy with the ad variation experiment results, you can apply the modified ads to your campaign. You can also choose to replace your existing ads or create new ads with the variations.

When to use

Ad variations are best used when you want to test one change across multiple campaigns or your entire account, while custom experiments are best to test multiple simultaneous changes on a smaller scale.

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