About Advertiser cross-device linking

Advertiser cross-device linking allows you to use your own user data to show ads to your visitors when they’re on any device or browser. For example, if someone signs into your website from their mobile phone while on the train and then visits your website again from their laptop at home, Google Ads can anonymously link their devices using a remarketing tag so that you can show your ads and reach potential customers no matter which device they’re using.

In this article, you’ll learn how cross-device linking works for remarketing and its benefits. If you aren’t familiar with remarketing, you should read How remarketing works first.

How it works

To identify your users on their different devices or browsers, you’ll add the user ID parameter to your remarketing tag across your properties, such as your desktop site, mobile site, or app. This tag parameter will collect unique, anonymous identifiers (IDs) as values when a user visits your website or app from the devices or browsers they use.

For example, when a user logs into your website, the identifier you use for that user can be sent to Google Ads anonymously. Google Ads then uses that anonymous identifier when that user logs into your app.

The anonymous identifiers are used to link cookies (or similar technologies) across devices and browsers. Google Ads aggregates these links across participating advertisers. This allows you to maximize your ability to reach your customers on their multiple devices and browsers.

Learn how to set up Advertiser cross-device linking


When you're able to show ads to your website or app visitors across the different devices and browsers they use, you can:

  • Deliver a unified ad experience across devices and browsers to reach people when they're more likely to buy. Show personalized ads and product recommendations based on what each user browsed on your website, mobile site, or app.
  • Reach your existing audience in more contexts. With the data from your remarketing list, you can help show ads to the same audience across their various devices and browsers.
  • Keep your users' data secure while benefitting from other participating advertiser links. Advertiser cross-device linking helps you to identify additional devices or browsers for your users based on links from other participating advertisers.
  • Multiply your impact across devices. Set up your remarketing campaigns for success by customizing your ads and bid appropriately for each person on all of their devices.

Note: If you're setting up Advertiser cross-device linking, you must comply with the Advertiser cross-device linking policy.

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